Master programs

"Biotechnology and nanobiotechnologies"

"Polymer Science"

"Colloid chemistry"

"Medical chemistry"

"Inorganic chemistry"


"Organic chemistry"

"Applied Chemical Thermodynamics"


"Physical chemistry"

"Chemical Engineering"

"Solid State Chemistry"

"Analytical chemistry for ecology solutions"

in English - "Project management in decommissioning of nuclear facilities (including radioactive waste management)", "Radiopharmaceutical chemistry (including project management)"

Specialist programs

starting year 4 of studies

Analytical chemistry

Bioorganic chemistry

Polymer science

Colloid chemistry

Medical chemistry and fine organic synthesis

Inorganic chemistry


Organic chemistry


Physical chemistry

Chemical kinetics

Fundamental and Applied Enzymology

Chemical technology of substances and materials

High Energy Chemistry


Nanobiomaterials and nanobiotechnologies

Laser chemistry

Chemistry of ionic and molecular systems

Solid State Chemistry