To apply for the undergraduate (Bachelor), graduate-level (Master) and Specialist programs, submit your complete application online via the Lomonosov MSU’s web platform and Documents Recognition (if before June 15). The online applications will open on June 15, 2023 and will close on July 10 (for undergraduate and Specialist), and on July 20, 2023 (for Master program). If your application documents require verification or you have questions about the admission of foreign citizens, we strongly recommend contacting the faculty’s admissions office at before applying. Specialist degree is equal to Master degree, the program is an integration of Bachelor and Master program (6 years).

Your application must include:

  1. Application form
  2. Internationally recognized ID
  3. Diploma including the academic transcript

All documents should be submitted as scanned copies with an authorized translation into Russian. Please note that if you hold a Russian visa the Russian transliteration of your name used on the application form and in the translated documents must match the Russian spelling of your name on the visa. If you do not have a Russian visa yet, please consult the website of the Russian consular services in your country for the instructions about applying for a visa.

If you are already in Russia, please attach a copy of your visa and your migration card to your application.

If your diploma is not issued yet you should attach the reference from your educational institution on the term of diploma issueing and your obligation to present the diploma as soon as it is issued.

Upon arrival at the University, you must present the originals for all documents uploaded using the electronic form and give us 6 3x4 cm non-glossy color photos to be attached to your student documents.

The application must be submitted before July 10, 2023. The exams will take place on July, 11-25.

The admission decisions will be released no earlier than August. If admitted, you will be issued an invitation letter to study in Russia for your visa application.

We highly recommend attending the pre-University program with the Institute of Russian Language and Culture ( before applying to MSU. Successful participation in this program will help you better communicate and understand the instruction in Russian.